About this site
  30. December 2002
I have add a new features to my homepage - a guestbook. Now it is posibel to write a note if you like to comment my page.
Futher I have changed the introduction site. Now there will be a window with the latest note from the guestbook and I have deleted:
"Life is what happens to you,
while you are busy making other plans"

John Lennon

With these quotation enjoy this site :-)

23. December 2002
I have finished uploading my pictures and all of them have got a little note. I am really satisfied.

21. December 2002
Today I have started upload my pictures from Eastern Europe, and I hope all the pictures will get a note. I know it is a little bit later than I have promised you and myself in the note of 14. august 2002, but better later than never :-)

15. September 2002
I have started a big project (maybe I am too crazy), which will be: text and date all pictures. I know, I have to wirte a lot, but right now I have the time, so who cares. On the other hand, I am not satisfired with the solution, how the pictures, date and text are placed. I am thinking about a better solution, but this will be the last thing I will use my time at, because it is working.

14. August 2002
I have just arrived from 6 weeks of travel eventures in the Eastern Europe. Very soon there will be pictures of this trip.

26. April 2002
I have decided to delete some of the introduction speak, because I think it doen't fit anymore. The following lines have been delete:
This site is design for people who enjoyed the BEST summer course in Lille 2001.
The subject for the course:

How the north of France can transport what you want and what you dream...

After this - there are too much space at the default site, and I have not a clue what to write !!!! Well a quotation from one of the greatest will be a good start.

26. March 2002
Today, has been the big uploading day !!!! All the pictures from Russia are now available.

24. March 2002
It is longtime ago I have worked with this website, I know. Since last time I have enjoyed a new Best course: Falling into Russia in Ekateringburg, Russia. Now I have a opputunity to work with it. Pictures from this trip will be uploaded to this site very soon, so u donīt miss things from this excellent country.

Today I have made some changes in the Adress section, because a new Best course - a new adress list. At that reason the website need to handle more than one adress list as it could so far. From today this site can handle lot of adress lists, and that is great :-)

23. December 2001
Even it is christmas, I have to finish my work from yesterday, so I have uploaded all my pictures from Elba visit Denmark and I visit Poland. It is done now, so ENJOY !!!!!! and Merry Christmas

22. December 2001
Today I have re-design the programming code behind the pages, so the website can handle pictures from more than one trip - a dream come true !!!! This job wasnīt easy because I have to change the design of all the databases and after the pages to the could "speak" with the databases and transfer all the new information.

4. November 2001
At last I decieded the name will be: BEST and Kim. The reason for that, is I have done so many thing after my BEST summer course, which is outlet of the course. Elba have visit me and I have visit Ela Ela. So I have this dream about getting the pictures from these two visit online too. At that time the title - BEST summer course 2001 in Lille - will be a little bit wrong, so I have changed it. Truely the new name is not good but it is better - I think - maybe u have a good name then contact me, please !!!!

Today I have made the links back and next in the section for thumbnails, and I find this features very helpful. Now u can go forward and backward in the thumbnails without going back to main site for pictures, so it is easy now, jubiiiii !!!

28. October 2001
I have decieded the name: BEST summer course 2001 in Lille, because the site is about the course. Besides that I put all my pictures into the database so u can see them in thumbnails and big ones. I have order them after the moment they are taken. This day have been a great day, because the site is almost finish.

27. October 2001
It have been longtime ago I have done anything on this site, because I have been busy. Been a guide in Copenhagen and travel to Poland have take the time. Today was the big day because the site got the look u see now. Besides that I made the adress list, but it took longer time than I have expected. Alexis have send the list in a very strange format, so I need to change it all, shame on u Alexis :-)

7. October 2001
I started made this site, because I like everybody who have been at the summer course in Lille 2001 to see the pictures I got. I think the site will be great, and hope it will be the must wanted site in the world....NOT !!!!!

Any comments ? Write to me.